Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Sentimental Glop

There's this wonderful boy.

I've known him all my life.


He's been a lot of things to me: competition, a playmate, a thorn in my side, an extractor of other thorns in my side, a leader, understanding, distressing, an example, a confidant, someone to tease, a teaser, a hero and a brother.

But mostly, he's been a friend.

He's been gone for a month now. I'm realizing that maybe it wasn't just him who didn't do his part to keep our bathroom clean.

I'm also realizing how grateful I am for his example. Even when I felt like I could stand on my own, I always had him to thank for treading the path that I followed. 

Point is, I miss this guy. 

 But I'm so proud of him, and I want the world--or whoever reads this blog--to know that.


  1. Miriam I love you. And Ben. And the rest of your adorable family, but that is besides the point! :) You are awesome :)

  2. Awww that was so cute and sad!! I miss him so much, tell him that in your email!