Sunday, October 30, 2011

An update

Dear world,

I just wanted anyone out there who has been faithfully following my blog (at least for the last four or five months) that I have an update on my dental habits. Remember that toothbrush I so heartwrenchingly replaced back in June? I confess that I cheated. I kept it. I didn't use it once, but I kept it in the little penguin toothbrush cup by my bathroom sink just in case. It was a comfort issue, you know? But I've decided that it's time to let go once and for all. I threw it away, world. I threw that little pink Colgate 360 away. You may hold your applause.

And just to make this post worth reading so you don't go away mumbling about how boring my life must be if all I have to write about is my dental hygiene (I couldn't blame you, I've written about it for 1/10 of my posts thus far), take a look at this picture. I've been glancing at this toothpaste label (the red part) for weeks, trying to assign it some metaphorical or philosophical significance, but I'm coming up dry. What does it mean to you? Or what could it mean to me? Creative responses are welcome and encouraged.

Your friend,


  1. I was about to say it could be metaphorical of a relationship, but I chose not to dwell on that any longer than I had too. I think it's definitely more economical than it is metaphorical or philosophical. But maybe that's just me. ;)

  2. Hey, there is nothing wrong with posting about dental hygiene! I rather enjoy it.

  3. Oh, Andrew, surely you can think deeper than that! How boring, to take things at face value!

    You would, Steph. You would. :)