Friday, July 29, 2011

Biography in a Nutshell

I never really did my "About Me" box justice, so here goes.

I am a romantic. I compose songs late at night when the stars inspire me. I've always wanted to find a wide, old-fashioned swing suspended by chains overgrown with ivy on an ancient maple tree. I write in my journal by moonlight whenever possible.

I am an optimist. I decide that things will be okay before their course begins traveling that direction. The nice thing is that they usually do if you're willing to be flexible with your perspective.

I am a planner. I use my school agenda the entire year and into the summer, making a daily checklist of things I want to accomplish and checking them off as I go. I feel incomplete and irresponsible and gross if I don't complete everything on my list.

I am a creator. The times I feel most at peace with myself are when I've finished a painting or reorganized a room to my satisfaction or written an enrapturing sentence or altered an article of clothing into something special. It may seem like a stretch, but even cleaning can feel like I'm creating cleanliness and a new atmosphere for wherever I'm working.

I am a rememberer. I've kept a daily journal since I was about ten and I keep every letter given to me. I keep a quote book that condemns anyone funny around me to fame.

I am a dreamer. I have big plans for my life. Unrealistic? Perhaps. Difficult? Oh, yeah. Worth working and hoping for? Yup. Possible? I guess we'll find out.


  1. You Sound quite remarkable, I can't wait to know you.

  2. Are the people you quote condemned to fame or notoriety?... : )

  3. Thanks, Bayley! I'm excited to get to know you, too.

    You know, I never said fame had a positive connotation... :)

  4. And a empathy site, 5 feet and something of "Wow!", a considerate and thoughtful friend, a girl worth fighting for, a patch of light that makes you want to smile and jump around, a moist and worn shoulder to cry on, a colorful palette of excitement (there's ALWAYS something new), a forgiving, loving, accepting, beautiful ball of Bourne Identity (what else starts with B?) Sometimes we all wonder who this crazy heroine is. This Miriam Loray. This fiendish creature, is a chosen.